The New S90 T8 Twin Engine
Pure Electrifying*
Enjoy a truly *elektrifierande experience with The New S90 T8 Twin Engine. Made by Sweden.


RM368,888* inclusive of 6% GST

0 - 100 KM/H

6.8 / 4.8s T5 / T8

Max Output

254 / 407HPT5 / T8


350 / 640NMT5 / T8
Executive Stlye

Executive Style

A Luxury Sedan, the Swedish Way

Calm seclusion, intuitive technology and performance without compromise – this is what the S90 excels at. Inside, jewel-like controls and an eye-catching tablet-size touch screen put you in effortless control of your drive. Luxurious materials combine with exacting craftsmanship in a clean design language that is uniquely Swedish. Every journey in the S90 is a reward in itself.

Driver Support

Connect with our Car

Bowers and Wilkins

Whichever seat you’re sitting in, our Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins audio system lets you hear the music you love as the artists intended. Revolutionary tweeter-on-top technology and a unique air-ventilated subwoofer deliver a crystal clear, powerful sound experience.

Bowers and Wilkins
Executive Stlye


Drive Modes

Our drive mode control allows you to instantly adapt the powertrain and steering characteristics to your preferences and driving conditions. Comfort, Eco or Dynamic – switch between the modes with the elegant roller control in the centre console. Comfort mode optimises comfort, while Eco mode calibrates the powertrain and climate system for lowest possible fuel consumption. Dynamic mode is calibrated for sporty driving, with quick engine, gearbox, steering and braking responses. In the Individual mode, you can tailor your own personal drive mode.

Power without compromise

T8 Twin Engine AWD

Our T8 Twin Engine with plug-in hybrid technology delivers an exhilarating drive with uncompromised efficiency. Combining a high-performance petrol engine and an electric motor, this powertrain allows outstanding highway performance and zero emission commuting – with all-wheel drive capability when needed.

The Pure electric mode prioritises electric drive with a zero emission driving range up to 40 km, ideal for daily commuting. In Hybrid mode both the electric motor and the petrol engine are utilised to optimise performance, fuel consumption and comfort, while the Power mode uses all available power to maximise performance. AWD mode activates full time all-wheel drive for improved traction in slippery conditions.

Bowers and Wilkins